unsung heroes

We're like a proud parent when it comes to finding and celebrating our unsung heroes. Good Folk who do great things to help others.

They inspire us to be good, to do good and to celebrate the good in all of us. Find out more about some of the Good Folk below...

Sam Nelson

Sam is just 12 years old and has cerebral palsy.

He experiences challenges with his mobility every day, but you will never see this little boy without a smile!

Over the last 12 months, he has sent huge amounts of foods to homeless charities, collected and wrapped hundreds of selection boxes for children in the local community and raised enough money to buy a buddy bench for his primary school!

Liz Shafford

Liz Shafford has cared for many foster babies over the years. And although they are too young to say how much she deserves to be recognised a lot of people really want to honour Liz for the love and dedication she has put in to helping them when they arrive in this world.

She devotes herself to these babies selflessly 24 hours a day, making them feel safe and protecting them from the world, until they are able to settle into their forever homes.

Zoe Hingley

Zoe was nominated by a close friend for stopping her car in the pouring rain to support and talk down a young father from a motorway bridge until the police arrived and he felt safe with them.

Stories like this are truly motivational - thank you for being awesome Zoe!

Sam Lakey

Meet Sam Lakey, aged just 15 years old, when the pandemic first hit he jumped into helping out people in his local community.

He has helped to distribute over 55 tons of food across Cornwall to food banks for people who are suffering from food poverty.

Claire Briscoe

Claire is a passionate member for The Golden Hearted UK, who help people in crisis, hardship and in need.

The Golden Hearted UK is run with kindness, wanting to help as many people as they can.

Having been with the group for a year and a half, The Golden Hearted UK has helped thousands of people with essentials such as food parcels, clothes and more!