good deeds charity

We created the Good Deeds Charity where we take part of our turnover and use this to help those who help others. That means that every can of Soda Folk that is purchased by you our customers is contributing to good deeds that help others to do more.

The charity enables our Folk to nominate unsung heroes that have done good deeds and we then share their stories via our social channels, website and newsletters for our folk to vote for the person that deserves the most recognition. Soda Folk then recognise that person and make a contribution to the charity of their choice or their good cause to help them do more.

what does it mean to be good?

It’s a deceptively simple question. As a brand, it’s a question we can’t shy away from tackling. We’re not naive or arrogant enough to think we can define the very idea of being good. So, we’ve asked you, the Great British Public, what ‘good’ means - what defines a good person and what makes a good deed.

We’ve used what you told us to create something special, our very own Good Manifesto. It’s a set of pledges and principles we’ll live by as a brand, seeking out others doing the same and give them a well-deserved pat on the back.

helping those who help others

meet our latest can hero, Jim Elliot

Say hello to Jim Elliott the face of our reduced sugar Root Beer! Jim Elliott was furloughed during the 2020 lockdown, but instead of chilling like a can of soda, he jumped in his canoe to begin a clean up operation of Grimsby’s historic waterway, the River Freshney.

Good Folk - Liz Shafford

Here at Soda Folk, we like to shine a spotlight on the nation's unsung heroes and Liz is one who definitely deserves to have her name shouted from the rooftops!

Good Folk - Claire Briscoe

Each month, we honour Good Folk from across the nation for the Good Deeds they have done. Claire Briscoe is one of those good folk. Claire is a passionate member for The Golden Hearted UK, who help people in crisis, hardship and in need.

Good Folk - Zoe Hingley

Here at Soda Folk, we like to shine a spotlight on the nation's unsung heroes and today we're sharing the story of Zoe Hingley!

Good Folk - Sam Nelson

Sam is just 12 years old and has cerebral palsy. He experiences challenges with his mobility every day, but you will never see this little boy without a smile!

Good Folk - Sam Lakey

At Soda Folk we like to honour the Good Folk of the nation who often do Good Deeds that go overlooked. Today we're sharing the awesome Sam Lakey!

hall of fame nominees

We’ve partnered up with our friends at Semble, to reward unsung heroes and shout about some of the super work they’re doing. Here you'll find some of the awesome nominees!